Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Call a Pest Control Company Rather Than Trying DIY Methods

Wild animals, bug, spiders – they all find their way into your home at some time or another. Don't hesitate to contact your local pest control company in La Mesa, because do-it-yourself methods can have unexpected results. An experienced profession can guarantee that these avoidable situations never occur during your pest removal.

Mousetrap Mishap

Placing a mousetrap in an open area might seem like a good idea, but the error is two-fold. The first is that small vermin tend to stick to the walls, when they come out of them at all. The second is what happens when you need to walk through that area in the middle of the night, and forget the mouse trap is there. Ouch.

Taking Out Ants, One-By-One

No ant works alone, even if you spray a hand-full or dozen marching along the kitchen counter or dinning room floor, they'll be back. They came from a colony, and all their mates are waiting for their next chance at a free meal. The trouble comes from the fact that after spraying, all the other ants know which areas to avoid, which makes the next ant conga-line harder to track down.

Herbal Missteps for Spider Control

Eucalyptus is sometimes used to ward away spiders, but if you think you have an infestation, then it won't treat the root cause. Additional, if you have pets or small children, leaving eucalyptus laying around can be dangerous. It is toxic if ingested.

Vermin are a big hassle when they invade your personal space. You don't have to handle home pests on your own, avoid these mistakes and contact a pest control company in La Mesa. If you need an exterminator, visit this website to schedule a visit today.

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