Monday, September 28, 2015

Effective Termite Treatment

Termites are a menace to homes, furniture, and structures with wooden composition. When they move into a home, colonies can number in the millions. These groups can collectively digest a pound of wood daily. Often the extent of their destruction isn’t immediately discovered by homeowners. By the time he or she is aware, the damage is pervasive. In nature, this weakening process is useful for discarding rotting or fallen trees. These vandals do not discriminate between natural and man-made structures. Additionally, multiple colonies may co-exist within a home.

Get an Inspection

Even if you can see tell-tale signs of termite damage, it’s still a good idea to get a professional inspection. An expert can distinguish termite activity from that caused by carpenter ants, beetles, or other insects with an affinity for wood. Appropriate treatment may differ depending on the pest. A professional will be able to make a good assessment of the extent of the damage since the magnitude of the termite activity may not be visible.

Employ a Licensed Professional

A licensed professional can offer a warranty for extermination services provided. That warranty may cover follow-up treatments as well as additional maintenance due to evidence of a new colony. Knowledgeable professionals will also be able to determine which products will be effective and have the least amount of side effects. Fumigation spray may be the only option, but there may be other alternatives your pest control expert may use that can be equally potent and successful. Click here to learn more about effective termite treatment in Raleigh.

Educating your Employees on Pest Control

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Leave Bedbugs to the Professionals

There are many ways to tell if your environment is hosting bed bugs.Small (often linear) reddish bites may show up on exposed skin. Bedsheets may have brownish-red stains from crushed bug bodies. A room that is completely infested may have bugs in furniture, wall paper, electronic devices, or virtually any place with a crack or a crevice.

Your Eyes May Deceive You

Bites alone are not incontrovertible evidence of bedbug existence. Other insects leave bite marks that may look similar.  Their miniature size makes them easy to miss or mistake for something else.

Attempting to get rid of a bedbug problem by yourself may seem tempting, but you may not actually be aware of the degree of infestation. For this reason, it may be best to seek professional assistance in this endeavor. While you are focusing on the sterilization of one room, the infestation may be spreading to your living room, dining room, or neighbor’s house.  Increased travel and mobility over time has resulted in bed bugs no longer being confined to just dirty or dilapidated spaces.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Many of these insects have developed immunity to chemicals that were once effective. Products that are easily available to the consumer may no longer be successful in eliminating the infestation. Some of their fumes may also be toxic to humans. You don’t want to waste time using ineffective products,nor do you want to endanger pets, family members, or yourself with chemicals that are dangerous. Instead of treating bedbugs yourself, click here to access an exterminator service in Durham.

Cut Groundhog Day Short

Groundhogs and gophers may not have as high a profile as squirrels and racoons, but they can still wreck your home and yard. You can sit at the window and admire this industrious vermin at work, or contact someone to come over and haul the pest away. 

Relocating Raccoon Pests

Protocol regarding extermination of mice, roaches, and even bats may be common knowledge, but what do you do if you find a raccoon den in your attic or under your porch? Although your first thought may be to mass-produce a batch of Davy Crockett hats, there are more humane ways to control this animal.

Signs of Raccoon Life

Raccoons love taking up residence in crawl spaces and finding free meals in your discarded trash. In the winter, you may be surprised to find that the noise you hear in the chimney is not Santa, but rather a furry, masked mammal with a striped tail.Routinely overturned trashcans are also a sign that raccoons may be present. Since raccoons are nocturnal creatures, you may hear noises throughout the night as they conduct their daily activities.

Relocation Services

If you are unsure if raccoons are plaguing your home, contact a pest control company to do an assessment of your property. Once your suspicions are confirmed, inquire as to whether or not trapping is an option. It is important to be sure that you are in sync with local laws and regulations. It is not recommended that you attempt to trap any wildlife yourself. You risk falling from any elevated areas like roofs or ladders, and also expose yourself to the potential for bites and rabies. Certified professionals can relocate these animals safely and may be able to assist you with repair of damaged areas. Click here for more information on humane animal removal in Raleigh.

Pest Infestations Cost US Businesses $6.8 Billion In Operating Costs

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Call a Pest Control Company Rather Than Trying DIY Methods

Wild animals, bug, spiders – they all find their way into your home at some time or another. Don't hesitate to contact your local pest control company in La Mesa, because do-it-yourself methods can have unexpected results. An experienced profession can guarantee that these avoidable situations never occur during your pest removal.

Mousetrap Mishap

Placing a mousetrap in an open area might seem like a good idea, but the error is two-fold. The first is that small vermin tend to stick to the walls, when they come out of them at all. The second is what happens when you need to walk through that area in the middle of the night, and forget the mouse trap is there. Ouch.

Taking Out Ants, One-By-One

No ant works alone, even if you spray a hand-full or dozen marching along the kitchen counter or dinning room floor, they'll be back. They came from a colony, and all their mates are waiting for their next chance at a free meal. The trouble comes from the fact that after spraying, all the other ants know which areas to avoid, which makes the next ant conga-line harder to track down.

Herbal Missteps for Spider Control

Eucalyptus is sometimes used to ward away spiders, but if you think you have an infestation, then it won't treat the root cause. Additional, if you have pets or small children, leaving eucalyptus laying around can be dangerous. It is toxic if ingested.

Vermin are a big hassle when they invade your personal space. You don't have to handle home pests on your own, avoid these mistakes and contact a pest control company in La Mesa. If you need an exterminator, visit this website to schedule a visit today.

Bats perform 'vital pest control' on crops

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Dial 311 to Get Rid of Dead Varmints

In many communities, dialing 311 connects you to non-emergency municipal services. So if you have a dead varmint to get rid of, or maybe even a live one, dialing 311 might be the answer.


Things to Avoid During a Bed Bug Treatment in Your Living Area

You've made the right first step – calling for help with bed bug removal in El Cajon from a local pest control corporation. Now make sure you don't fall prey to some common mistakes between now and your inspection visit. These things may seem like the right thing to do at the time, but avoiding them is the best way to help your inspector do his or her job.

Leave the Evidence

Some common cleanliness habits, such as vacuuming and swapping out bed linens, can make your inspector's job harder. These practices, while good for general hygiene, can destroy infestation evidence vital to wiping out your bed bug population. Don't worry, the inspector's not coming to critique your living habits, but he or she does need to find any and all signs of infestation in order to give you the best results.

Keep the Infestation Contained

As inviting as the couch might seem during this time, sleeping anywhere else in the house will only make things worse. Changing bedrooms or sleeping at a friend's house will only serve to spread the infestation. Similarly, if you want to toss out infested furniture, wait until after the infestation has been dealt with to prevent spreading the bugs to someone else.

Let Your Inspector Inform You

When you have bed bugs in your house, it creates an uncomfortable situation. Getting bed bug removal in El Cajon is a very easy first step, and when you schedule your inspection make sure to double-check any plans you have between the call and the appointment to know if such actions would hinder the extermination process or not. Try this website for a local company capable of handling your bed bugs.

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