Thursday, July 23, 2015

Why You Need to Remove a Skunk From Your Neighborhood

Skunks are generally shy, nocturnal animals that you would unlikely ever see near your home even if they are present. You will know they have been around when you see the holes they dig in your yard to find food, or the garbage they have pulled from your dumpster. The real danger to having skunks around is the damage to your property.

1. Burrowing Habits Damage the House and Yard
Skunks will dig under porches and damage the wood and the supports. They also like to feed on corn and can knock over cornstalks. They will dig holes in the lawn and garden to look for grubs and insects and this can result in a series of cone-shaped holes.

2. Danger to Domestic Animals
A skunk will eat eggs and sometimes kill the chicken as well. Although the skunk is not aggressive, if a dog harasses one the skunk may defend itself by spraying its musk, which is an overwhelmingly strong and disagreeable odor that is hard to remove and can irritate the dog’s eyes and nose.

3. Skunks Can Carry Rabies
Skunks have been known to be rabid. Surprisingly, these animals are the primary carriers of this dangerous disease in some parts of the country. If you observe a skunk behaving in an unusual manner, such as moving around during the day, or acting aggressively, it may be rabid.

Skunks are protected by law in many areas, so if you suspect you have a skunk living near you and that it is trespassing on your property, contact a wildlife removal specialist to have it trapped and removed. To contact a professional for skunk control in Burlingame, visit this website.

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